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This massive TwoDoor dining table has an impressive size and contemporary, bold look.


MAWOOX stainless steel framing design fits the purpose as the table will be used for larger dinner gatherings and social meets. 


The glass is 12mm thick and tempered of course to withstand the load.


This table can also be made from our imported USA Walnut or Ashwood (different pricing applies). Antique doors can be supplied by the client or identified by MAWOOX.


(Note: surface can be made in different gloss level or in solid uni colors)

中国家门 - Engineered Antique Door Dining Table

  • Features:

    • Finish options: brushed, plated or powder coated (when in steel)
    • Materials: Stainless Steel & Antique door
    • Overall dimensions: 2400mm (W) * 1420mm (D) * 765mm (H)

    Imported material with 5 year warranty. Hand-crafted to perfection.

  • Our products are tailor-made and bear a warranty of five years.

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