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This personal treasure brought over from Europe was handed to us for renewal and complete ovehaul.


As the client was returning to his original home for good, he wanted to have his beloved chair in renewed prestine conditions to shine again back home.


We had to replace parts of the wooden structure to stabilise the chair again. With the new fabric (client selection) we applied again as original the tufting and nail technique in similar pattern and refreshed slightly the visible wooden parts as requested.


Done so, this vintage chair is now shining again in back in its german home to the happiness of its owners.


Our restoration team can bring your beloved furniture pieces back to life and shine. 


We review the structure, suspension and surface before we make a detailed renovation decision with our clients.


The final price (here for the full restauration work only) for such restoration depends on your choice of fabric or leather.


We'll give our recommendation and best craftsmanship to have your piece reborn to former glory.


Make Your Vintage Project dream come through with MAWOOX

Classic European Vintage Armchair

  • Features:

    • Finish options: Natural or stained wood in waxed or varnished finish
    • Materials: Virgin Foam, Latex imported suspension Webbing, Springs, Customer choice fabric or Leather
  • Our products are tailor-made and bear a warranty of five years.

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