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One of our fine blends of Asian and Western Dining Styles. Fusion Cuisine is on when having friends around the table for a great meal or a game of cards.


Handcrafted with north american ash wood and our own engineered "Lazy Susan"turning unit, this elegant ensemble is a stylish add-up to your dining area, if not the center piece of it.

ThreeSixty Dining Table

  • Features:

    • Finish options: Natural Walnut or Ash wood stained black
    • Materials: Walnut or Ashwood
    • Unique wood grain design on table top
    • Lazy Susan included
    • Overall dimensions: 1600mm diameter * 780mm height

    Imported material with 5 year warranty. Solid Walnut or Ash Wood hand-crafted to perfection.

  • Our products are tailor-made and bear a warranty of five years.

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