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MAWOOX (  江苏玛沃珂装饰工程有限公司 ) 为您提供高质量的家具及配套软装方案.




在橱柜制造,室内装潢, 缝线,家具表面处理, 金属加工工艺领域, 我们的专家打造了MAWOOX 标志性品质.




在采购,制造和产品生命周期中,通过提供可持续的优质产品和服务,帮助我们的客 户 取 得成功.


我 们 认 为 与客户的密切合作与交流是我们产品获得成功的关键因素.


为客户提供优质服务是我们不断追求的目标 ,如同DNA基因推动着公司的发展.



Do you provide International delivery?


We do have the ability to export & import, so a clear YES. Please contact us for more information.

How do I return an item?


Our products are proudly tailor made. If encounter any problems that require returns, please contact us directly with the respective product description & Sales Order Number.

What is your returns policy?


We do offer long-term warranties for our products, which include returns nationally. Please refer to your contract or sales order.

How do I track my order?


We inform clients about the transport method used and in case of external courier or shipping solutions will inform the contact and tracking details.

What are your delivery options?


Please align with our team for deliveries. Within the region of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province we normally deliver with our own trucks in order to ensure quality from door to door.




On its roots of furniture making and providing comprehensive interior solutions in Germany as well as its international expertise gathered in the Asian, North American and European Markets.



Through MAWOOX Solutions GmbH, we are at the pulse of design innovations and able to provide professional sourcing solutions to our clients.



Providing the Best-in-Class quality furniture and interior solutions for its clients in China and Abroad.



The Chinese and Overseas clients, thus understands the customers’ quality requirements for products and service.



Is created by a strong TEAM of Experts in cabinet making, upholstery, sewing, surface treatment and metal works.


Make our customers successful by providing the excellent quality products & services which are sustainable in the sourcing, manufacturing and product life. We deem a close cooperation and exchange with our customers as a key factor of success to realize our vision. A Great Service in this way is our continuous objective, guiding us as a part of our company’s DNA.


What is the average delivery time?


We aim to provide our clients products between 10 - 20 working days after order and availability of selected materials (fabrics, leather or special hardware)

What are your materials in use?


We utilise in upholstery virgin foams (no recycle materials) and none recycled suspension materials from international OEMs. 

Our Hardware is either from Haefele (Germany) or Blum (Austria).

Our Fabrics are either imported from Italy or Spain (proven sources that supply also to European top brands) or manufactured in China with good to top quality.

We consult with our clients for their individual projects and follow closely the jointly made material decisions.

What are the types of wood you use?


MAWOOX uses in its products only solid wood and veneer plywood. We mainly use imported & kiln dried types like:

  • Walnut from the US or Canada

  • Ash from US or Canada

  • Oak from the US

  • Cherry from US

 For sofa and chair internal framing we use only:

  • Pine wood from Russia or China

  • Plywood (layered veneer boards)


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