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This modern MAWOOX designed dining table is perfectly balanced, with sleek legs right at the end of the table sides in order to give maximum space to it users. 


Well selected North American Walnut either with waxed or varnished surface will make this dining table a highlight of your home. Combine it with classic chairs or like in out picture from the clients with a scandinavian design. All works on this hand crafted masterpiece, which is timeless and classy, combined with the warm shine of high quality walnut - hand selected.

Charlotte NC

  • Features:

    • Finish options: Natural Walnut or Ash wood
    • Materials: Walnut or Ashwood
    • Unique wood grain design on table top
    • Overall dimensions: 2150mm (L) * 1120mm (W) * 780mm (H)

    Imported material with 5 year warranty. Solid Walnut or Ash Wood hand-crafted to perfection.

  • Our products are tailor-made and bear a warranty of five years.

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