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A classic sofa boldly revived to former or even more glory. In the case of Fenglings Sofa it was time to rework the leather and improve the seating comfort, touch-up the fine wooden parts and keep the original tufting & knobs pattern.


Thus MAWOOX changed the leather according to Fengling's choice, took care of the precious tufting.


Delivered back to its home in Pudong, the revived sofa is freshening up the living space and rejoyces its owners.


If you are considering to change your old sofa to a new one..., think twice with MAWOOX. Being sustainable can start right here - and give a new feel, visual change apart from good consciousness.

Fengling Barock Sofa 2019-12

  • Measurements:

    - Sofa Element: 230 W * 1100 D * 1200 H (backrest) 

    - Seen price including transport, improve of upholstery, touch-up and    new leather by MAWOOX


  • MAWOOX sofa and upholstery products bear a five year warranty (fabric excluded if customer choice).

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