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A real design lovers treasure, the by Gio Ponti in 1953 designed Chair has a distinguished shape and form of frame, legs and seating part. This at the time very contemporary loung chair sits very relaxed and is demanding its own space.


This re-edition is produced by MAWOOX based on the original drawings from the ponti archives. Brass or Wood structure, with the mix fabric and leather reinterprets the age-old technique of velvet-weaving, bringing it up to date with contemporary patterns, such as close sequences of staggered disks with various gradations of colour. Surely our clients can chose from a variety of  fabric and  leather, but as we recreated the chair in memory of a great designer we love to stay close to the original as possible.


(Note: final pricing is subject to choice of fabric or leather)

Gio Ponti Reincarnation