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Complete new fabrics & upholstery for the large L Shape Sofa with Cushions, the 10 dining Chairs as well as the 2 Lounge Chairs (fabric cost not included as this can vary much in quality and country of origin).


Delivered back to their home at Anfu Rd, the revived Living Room pieces give a fresh not and in its sophisticated light colors a great new lofty feel to the space above the French Consession.


If you are considering to change your old sofa to a new one..., think twice with MAWOOX. Being sustainable can start right here - and give a new feel, visual change apart from good consciousness.

Living Room Set Renewal

  • Measurements:

    - Sofa Element: 3900 W * 2000 D (L) * 700 H (backrest) 

    - Seen price including transport, change - improve of upholstery and    new fabric by MAWOOX


  • MAWOOX sofa and upholstery products bear a five year warranty (fabric excluded if customer choice).

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