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The Santa Monica Lounge is fitting for any modern home and enjoyed best for a movie, a good book or a piece of music. Best cotton-linen fabric and Solid Wood framing, combined with our true craftsmanship will give your living space this certain modern & relaxed touch. 


Ideal for inviting friends & guest or have a reception, this lounge can be build with its backrests at your demand to fit perfectly your individual space. 

Lounge Santa Monica Reel

  • High quality fabrics. Suspension imported latex cross webbing and virgin foam. We use only solid wood and plywood in our sofa construction. Legs and visible framing in US imported ash wood.


    - Sofa Element 1: 1700 W * 910 D * 83/42 H (backrest/seat)

  • MAWOOX sofa and upholstery products bear a five year warranty (fabric excluded if customer choice).

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