American modernity interpreted new with a vintage type of leather. Specially fitted on request with heavy duty zippen to ensure that the youngsters do not through the cushions around..., we are proud of our craftsmanship.


If you prefer leather or other types of fabric as well as different sizing, please visit us and lets discuss your project.

Manhatten 2-3 set

Wood (Imported)
  • High quality imported cowhide. Suspension imported latex cross webbing and virgin foam. We use only solid wood and plywood in our sofa construction. Legs and visible framing in US ash wood.



    - Sofa Element 2 seater: 2430mm (W) x 565mm seating (D) x 600mm armrest (height)

    - Sofa Element 3 seater: 1930mm (W) x 565mm seating (D) x 600mm armrest (height)


  • MAWOOX sofa and upholstery products bear a five year warranty (fabric excluded if customer choice).

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