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Stylish with the Italian Design Touch, this casual, but contemporary L- Sofa ensemble invites for a relaxed break, time with friends & family or just movie binging.


Manufactured with love to detail, we enhanced the looks with the integerated wallnut side table.  


Create your own by changing size and materials (final price depending on fabric cost of the chosen fabric or leather). 


Connected are the modules of the sofa by our prefered stainless steel scissor type hardware, which provides easy connection and detaching of the modules.


Created with love for detail, we are proud of our craftsmanship.


Final Prices depending on Fabric or Leather selections

Sofa Wan-L

  • High quality fabric. Suspension imported latex cross webbing and virgin foam. We use only solid wood and plywood in our sofa construction. Legs and visible framing in US ash wood.



    - H80 (higher part) x W325 x D272cm with lounge

    - full width 4 elements / each element W 90cm

    - Seat H 42 / Arm H 70 / D 93 / Legs H 5


  • MAWOOX sofa and upholstery products bear a five year warranty (fabric excluded if customer choice).

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