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MAWOOX collaborated in this prestigious project with the design house MQ Studio. The Tang Hui Restaurant expands over 3 levels with individual dining suits and one banquette room, which are all express the philosophy of the owner's hospitality approach.


Serving highest quality dining, combined with fantastic selection of wines and drinks from all corners of the world to satisfy the food savvy guest in a modern yet warm accentuated (solid oak flooring and dining tables in the suits with chic fine dining chairs in black with imported UK leather seats in red or dark orange) dining environment.


The banquet room as shown, draws with its individual marble / black wood dining tables as well the four banquet corner sofas, combined with a touch of art deco wall installation, well from the time of the golden 20ties and 30ties, impersonating that feel of exclusive upscale dining experience.


Supplying the whole range of seating, tabling as well as sideboards, our loose fixtures, design by MQ Studio, are seemingly bringing out the intended character of the Tang Hui Restaurant: Exclusive dining and a humble, yet sophisticated and luxury environment. 


As Tang Hui’s food approach is on the highest level, we proudly been part of the project and look forward to work on one or the other projects again in the future.

Tang Hui Restaurant CITIC Square Shanghai (Nanjing Xi Road)