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A well worn treasure from the Golden 30th was handed to us for renewal and complete ovehaul as part of a complete apartment outfit project by our partner DL Architecture. The client bought these chairs on a Shanghai fleemarket spot and wanted it renewed for her Art Deco living space near Taikang Road. 


In fact the spring and metal wire structure was broken in parts and the internal wood structure need urgent help. Also armrest in parts needed to be renewed and completely given a new surface, of course keeping the color tone of the original chairs.


Done so, this couple of vintage chairs is now shining again in French Consession to former glory and happiness of its owners.


Our restoration team can bring your beloved furniture pieces back to life and shine. 


We review the structure, suspension and surface before we make a detailed renovation decision with our clients.


The final price (here for the full restauration work only) for such restoration depends on your choice of fabric or leather.


We'll give our recommendation and best craftsmanship to have your piece reborn to former glory.


Make Your Vintage Project dream come through with MAWOOX

Vintage Armchair Duo FCC

  • Features:

    • Finish options: Natural or stained wood in waxed or varnished finish
    • Materials: Virgin Foam, Latex imported suspension Webbing, Springs, Customer choice fabric or Leather
  • Our products are tailor-made and bear a warranty of five years.

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